SafeGuard Loyalty Programs

Our programs reward customers for their loyalty to our clients over time.

For Membership products, our Loyalty Programs award Loyalty Cash Back Credits annually that can be redeemed towards additional purchases with the same provider at any time. At the halfway point, some Loyalty Programs also offer the option to redeem for cash immediately or continue to accrue credits up to a maximum of the original purchase amount by the end of the Program Term.

For Ownership products, our Loyalty Programs offer a guaranteed Buy Back Option of the asset at the end of the Program Term, or accrued Loyalty Cash Back Credits towards a new purchase at any time when staying with the same vendor.

There are no complicated qualifying rules, our program simply promotes loyalty and rewards customers for continuing to maintain and utilize their lifestyle purchases, with flexible and valuable redemption options.

Enjoy Lifestyle Product Rewards

Customers are encouraged to enjoy their lifestyle purchases to the fullest, knowing at the same time that they are earning back up to 100% of the purchase value through a world-class Loyalty Program. The cost of participation in the Loyalty Program will either be included in the vendor’s purchase price, or offered as an optional extra depending on the type of product being purchased.

All SafeGuard Loyalty Programs are secured through an insured structured finance model where applicable funds are held in trust to guarantee all qualifying payouts; and participation is only available through approved vendors.

Our Loyalty Programs are available for the following lifestyle purchases: