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Utilize the industry’s leading tablet-based real-time sales center survey system by INTUITION to improve performance.

Improve closing percentages, VPGs and ultimately increase overall sales volume by understanding more about what’s happening in your sales centers; in real time, and through detailed analytics. The aptly named ESP Survey, acts as your sixth-sense to what’s happening on your sales floor by combining sales center statistics with customer opinion to provide powerful reporting that clearly defines areas for improvement at product, sales team and individual sales person levels.

Enhance your Sales Center Survey by adding an automated Non-Buyer & Referral Program. Offer non-buyers the chance to test-drive your product with a trial membership, or sell them a mini-vac so you can pitch them again – all dynamically determined by HOW they answered questions in the Sales Center Survey.

Each non-buyer, regardless of propensity to buy in the future will also be provided an incentive to refer friends and family – all on autopilot. The system takes all the work out of traditional non-buyer and referral programs and only requires your input when a lead wants to confirm an offer.

Use our Member Advantage Program, the most comprehensive travel club platform to enhance your product offering, either as a standalone travel club membership or as a VIP member benefit. Advantage Program members select from the world’s most comprehensive selection of exclusive travel benefits available through a full-service call center or an award-winning white-labeled Internet booking system.

Below is a partial list of travel benefits:

  • 700,000+ of the world’s finest 3-star to 5-star hotels.
  • 50 + Cruise Lines and every itinerary.
  • 8,000+ Tour Packages (every major).
  • 60,000+ condos, apartments, castles, bed & breakfasts, vacation homes, etc.
  • 400,000+ destination activities in over 5,000 cities.
  • 5,000+ Sports Travel Packages (Olympics, World Cup, NFL, NHL, etc.).
  • 4,000+ Golf course specials.
  • Unlimited Custom Vacations.
  • 250+ Airline carriers, to and from virtually every country, no added fees.
  • Rental cars, golf, spa services, event ticketing, shopping, and much more.

Brought to USA, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean & Latin America by INTUITION, this program has dominated in Europe for more than 30 years as a customer and employee loyalty platform.

Most notably used as a value-added benefit to vacation club memberships, this program offers FREE short break hotel stays at more than 1,500 hotels across Europe at locations not often available through vacation ownership – all the member has to pay for is dinner and breakfast. With hotel options from urban to wellness, sports to wine and fine dining, Holiday Plus is attractive to all ages and lifestyles and the perfect addition to any club’s benefits.

Vacation SafeGuard clients receive significant discounts on this program.

Need more tours? Our partners can provide quality Mini-Vacs, Overnights and Day Drives. Ask for more details.


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