RV / Motorhomes - SafeGuard Loyalty ProgramFollowing the continued success of SafeGuard Loyalty Programs, a unique program that helps to increase sales and retention of lifestyle purchases, SafeGuard LLC has announced its award-winning program is now available for Recreational Vehicle ownership.

Originally launched in 2017 for leisure real estate purchases and vacation memberships, SafeGuard has continued to expand into a variety of adjacent industries and has partnered with clients around the globe to provide loyalty-based cash back or buy back programs.

The new Loyalty Program for Recreational Vehicles offers a no risk solution that enhances the enjoyment of owning a motorhome. It provides a guaranteed buy back option at 100% of the original value after a pre-determined length of time, removing all loss from depreciation of the asset.

If Motorhome owners don’t want to keep the vehicle the full length of time, they have the ability to surrender the buy back option early in favor of credit towards a new purchase with the same vendor, which also drives customer retention and loyalty for RV dealerships.

Finally, for total flexibility, should the vehicle owner prefer to opt out of the Loyalty Program and keep the vehicle, they can opt out any time after just 25% of the program term has elapsed and receive back 100% refund of the Loyalty Program fee.

The Loyalty Program is simple to understand with pre-determined redemption values at pre-determined lengths of time. It is secured by an insured structured finance vehicle that holds funds in a managed trust which is also protected by A grade specialist insurance to guarantee all qualifying payouts.

“We are excited to expand into this new market. We know that there’s a strong similarity between purchasers of vacation homes and vacation memberships and those that see the value in investing in a recreational vehicle. Our program improves the value proposition for purchasers and helps reduce the long-term costs associated with ownership.” Says Duane Lee, CEO, SafeGuard LLC.

SafeGuard specializes in mid to long-term lifestyle purchases, where the fee can be included in a sales price by the vendor, or as an add-on that is paid separately by the customer as needed. In addition to Motorhome Ownership, there are also SafeGuard Loyalty Programs for Yacht Ownership, Golf Club Memberships, Yacht Club Memberships, Campground Memberships and the original vacation memberships and leisure real estate purchases.

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About SafeGuard LLC

SafeGuard is a one-of-a-kind service provider in the direct sale industry. Clients can utilize one of a selection of unique Loyalty Programs to enhance their own products and give customers the opportunity to earn up to 100% of their original purchase price back over time. With annual credit allocations and flexible usage options, each program improves sales, upgrades and customer retention, thereby increasing overall revenue. For more information visit https://safeguardloyalty.com/info